• Friday , 22 October 2021

Devolo claims Powerline solves Wi-Fi speed problems

In response to a recent survey by Epitiro, which revealed that Wi-Fi connections slow down broadband speeds by up to 30%, home connectivity specialist devolo claims that the solution lies in powerline networking and HomePlug AV adapters.

Peter Huddleston, UK operations manager at devolo, says: “We understand that not everyone can have direct access to the router, and with problems such as thick walls around the home limiting Wi-Fi connection speeds, powerline networking takes away this problem.” Peter adds: “The growth of powerline networking is predicted to further increase in the next couple of years and we will soon be launching the dLAN 500, which will offer a higher performance home network based on a faster Internet connection.”

The devolo dLAN 200 AV products include a wide variety of adapters for diverse applications, allowing consumers to network all Internet enabled devices to a fast and powerful home network. The combination of the display and integrated encryption button makes setting up the powerline network particularly easy – without any need for a computer for installation.

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