• Wednesday , 19 January 2022

Presentation Innovation of the Year

Nominee: MAXHUB

The Raptor series is an all-in-one LED wall from leading collaboration brand, MAXHUB, part of the CVTE family. CVTE is the largest manufacturer of interactive display technology in the world and under the MAXHUB umbrella, creates market- leading solutions that embodies CVTE’s spirit of continuous innovation and commitment to develop products that dramatically advance the ability to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

The MAXHUB LED Raptor Series represents the next generation of innovative LED Wall technology, the innovative design makes the Raptor incredibly versatile and very cost-effective solution for modern meeting spaces, auditoriums, and receptions.

  1. MAXHUB offer a wide range of sizes for every space, ranging from 120” to 220”, each with narrow pixel pitch LED panels for a visually stunning experience.
  2. A 3-in-1 design that includes the control unit, receiving unit and power supply with no need for additional components, making it a cost-effective option for customers considering an LED wall. Additionally, panels are accessed from the front of the display, making the Raptor incredibly easy to maintain.
  3. The MAXHUB Raptor features an ultra-thin bezel and is ultra-light weight, making it incredibly easy to install, either directly on a wall or onto a mobile trolley. Standard installation times range between 3-6 hours, dramatically reducing installation costs. 4. The all-in-one functionality feature in-built
  4. Android 9.0 OS, LAN screen-sharing for up to 4 windows and an integrated soundbar with 2x30W speakers featuring built-in vibration dampening technology.
  5. Unique to MAXHUB, the MAXConfig app s/w delivers exceptional control and intuitive access to all the LED’s interactive features, including signal source, power, brightness and even window content management through terminal devices that can be extended to 3rd party control systems.

MAXHUB video can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4XLSbTBRVo


Nominee: NovaStar H Series Flagship Video Splicing Processor

NovaStar’s H Series is NovaStar’s all-in-one H Series Flagship Video Splicing Processor, designed specifically for ne-pitch LED applications. Integration of controller and splicer into a single unit, paired with an expandable modular architecture, allows the H Series to tackle applications that previously would have taken 80 pieces of equipment. True 4K inputs, ultra-low latency, 3D, and HDR all work together to provide integrators with a revolutionary splicing controller that minimizes setup time and cost while maintaining stunning image quality.

  1. NovaStar’s H Series is the first product in the industry to integrate a controller and splicer into the same machine. This approach is aimed at solving difficulties faced by integrators working with high resolution fine-pitch LED displays.
  2. The biggest benefit of the H Series comes from the integration of controller and splicer. Typical solutions require two separate products to perform these functions. For an integrator, this means more cables, more power supplies, and more things that can go wrong. There can also be integration issues between the two products. Providing a single product that performs both these functions eliminates all of these issues.
  3. Controlling the H Series is extremely easy for users. Real-time web control is available using Windows, iOS, Android, or Linux, with cross- platform support provided. 100MB bandwidth is used for communication, ensuring control is fast and smooth. Operators can wirelessly control the unit from a 100 meter radius, making control convenient for integrators.
  4. Every application has its own special requirements, and integrators must adapt to these needs to achieve an excellent visual result. H Series allows users to adjust display parameters for output image, testing image, and display control, making sure the picture is perfectly suited to application’s location and the display being used.
  5. Many large applications may have a team of people working together, a situation that can cause confusion. Most similar products are unable to handle this type of use, but the H Series was designed with this in mind. Multiple authorization levels can be set for user access, ensuring safety. 200 users can access the web terminal simultaneously, with 50 users able to simultaneously send data for display, with a delay of less than 500ms. Users can also view operations performed by others. All these operations, including input and output signals, can be previewed in real-time.

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