• Friday , 22 October 2021

Presentation Innovation of the Year


Launched in October 2020, the wireless presentation system, PressIT, is designed to make collaboration quick and simple in any meeting room. It can display content from up to four devices simultaneously, allowing users to present on screen or via a projector at the touch of a button with smooth audio and Full HD clarity.PressIT works with any PC, tablet or smartphone using Android, Windows or iOS operating systems. Connect the receiver to any display screen or projector, and a small transmitter to the display devices, then press the button to present.

  • Intuitive operation: There is no special software installation necessary for the PC. The presenter’s PC can also be switched by simply pressing a button, with no need to reconnect the cable. The user simply presses a button on the transmitter to display the PC screen. PressIT takes the guess work out of dealing with uncooperative, unreliable and complicated technology. PressIT reduces downtime and disruptions resulting in more efficient and productive meetings.
  • Smart Installation: A simple ‘plug-n-play’ set-up for a consistent, intuitive user-experience. Images can be displayed from a device, PC or mobile with two types of receivers available to suit the environment of the user. The STB receiver type can be used with any pro displays and projectors. Simply connect an HDMI cable. The Intel® SDM standard type receiver attaches to expansion slots on the rear of the SQ1/SQE1 Panasonic display.
  • High-Quality Images. Hardware processing enables image compression and decompression for Full-HD 1080p resolution. Wireless transmission is IEEE802.11ac compliant for dependable, high performance content streaming. Presentations containing video content are smooth without lag time and choppy buffering for effective, efficient meetings. Plus Low latency image with less than 300ms.
  • Flexibility for any size meeting or class room.  Up to 4 simultaneous display sources, and up to 32 Transmitter simultaneous connections. Touch back functionality: When used with an interactive display, you can control your pc directly from the screen. Manage or edit your presentation while standing. Lock mode functionality: Take a full control of presentation. Prevents interruption during seminars and presentations.
  • Exceptional performance value: The starter kit includes: Kit Receiver STB box x1, Transmitters HDMI/USB-A x2, Case x1. PressIT delivers the high performance and reliable wireless presentation solution that you would expect from a technology leader like Panasonic at an affordable price point while meeting high security standard requirements.
  • Transmitter: No need to run files on a device as USB is only for power use
  • Receiver: Able to easily update to the most recent software via LAN, therefore always up-to-date
  • Connection Tx-Rx: WPA2 Encryption minimizes risk of data and information leak. No need to access your network. Pairing avoids mis-transmission to nearby meeting rooms.