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Projection moves up market

Projectors still makes a lot of sense when the image is above 100”, the size that can achieved economically be achieved with a flat panel. Add to this, enhanced projection techniques, like mapping, can only be achieved with projectors. To fully utilise the opportunities that these tools present, InfoComm projector releases saw step changes in resolution and brightness.


Projection is still the cost-effective choice for bigger meeting rooms, lecture halls and other large venues. Almost every specialist vendor has both conventional mercury lamp and laser phosphor models in its portfolio, with the 7000 to 8000 lumen category increasingly contested. InfoComm 2018 offered the launch platform for a number of new entrants in the sector.

Vivitek, for example, introduced the DU6693Z laser projector. The new model has been designed with emerging applications in mind. Ideally suited to 24/7 operation, the DU6693Z offers 7,000 lumen brightness and WUXGA resolution. This makes it ideal for large screens in meeting or lecture rooms, where the screen has to be big enough for the audience at the back to be able to view the content being displayed.

For added setup and viewing flexibility, the DU6693Z benefits from a motorised lens and horizontal and vertical Shift, a 10-lens position memory for lens shift, as well as eight optional lenses that range from 0.38:1 to 8.26:1 throw ratio. It has also been engineered to support 360 degree / portrait projection mode. On a further practical level, the DU6693Z also brings the benefits of HDBaseT digital transmission and network control to installers and users alike.

Commenting on the introduction of the DU6693Z, Holger Graeff, General Manager, Vivitek EMEA, said: “One of the benefits of Vivitek’s many years in producing large venue projectors, is that we can apply this knowledge and expertise to bring advanced yet affordable projector technology to even more people. That is why the DU6693Z packs so much technology, good design and sound engineering principles into such a compact form. That it does so at such an attractive price, is set to make the DU6693Z popular with the business and education sector alike.” At £7,100 excluding VAT.

the DU6693Z offers a lot of value per square inch of display.



Panasonic also showcased and expanded portfolio of professional laser projectors, which now includes the new PT-RQ22KU 21,000lm 3-Chip DLP laser projector with 4K+ resolution, and two new 1-Chip DLP SOLID SHINE laser projectors featuring super high brightness: the PT-RZ120 providing 12,000lm of brightness, and the PT-RZ870 offering 8,500lm of brightness. Also included will be the new PT-MZ770 Series 8,000lm LCD laser projectors.

“We’ve designed and engineered these new laser projectors to create impressive, engaging and immersive environments,” said John Baisley, Senior Vice President, Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America. “By listening to end-users in growing vertical markets such as education, corporate, museums, house of worship, and rental and staging, we’ve responded with new laser projectors, offering cutting-edge technology, exceptional performance and reliability that will meet our customer’s rigorous requirements for many years.”

The top-of-the-range PT-RQ22KU 3-Chip DLP SOLID SHINE Laser 4K+ projector is described as perfect for a wide range of large-venue applications, delivering 21,000lm of maximum brightness. It incorporates Quad Pixel Drive technology which creates extra pixels vertically and horizontally, quadrupling pixel density and by doing so, produces film-like image quality with the finest details in 4K+ resolution.

Key features and advantages of the PT-RQ22KU include flexible 360-degree installation, long-distance HDBaseT-based DIGITAL LINK video/control transmission, Multi-Screen Support Systems and Geometry Adjustment software for network management over LAN complete with optional plug-ins for simultaneous auto-calibration of multiple projectors and expanded multi-screen support functions. Coupled with a 240 Hz-capable Real Motion Processor for fluid motion reproduction, Detail Clarity Processor 5+ technology with 4K optimization, System Daylight View 3 analysis technology, and digitally laser light-source modulated 20,000:1 dynamic contrast for spectacular visuals from fast action scenes to film-like text and graphic reproduction.

The range-entry PT-MZ770 Series of SOLID SHINE LCD laser projectors offers a compact, lightweight design that delivers 8,000lm of brightness and high contrast. With Detail Clarity Processor 4 and System Daylight View 3, the PT-MZ770 Series is said to deliver high resolution, sharp and vivid images in virtually any environment. Quick start/quick off and optional wireless capability also make the PT-MZ770 Series great for use in a classroom, a meeting room or in an executive boardroom.

Featuring an airtight dust-resistant optical unit, one-way airflow, and a long-lasting ECO filter, the PT-MZ770 operates up to 20,000 hours with virtually no maintenance, significantly reducing operating costs. The ultimate projector for flexibility, the MZ770 Series provides powered lens shift, zoom, and focus, 360-degree installation, DIGITAL LINK (based on HDBaseT™ technology) for single-cable connection as well as Panasonic’s LinkRay Light ID technology to enable delivery of information to smartphones, making it a great match for signage and other exhibition/display applications.

The PT-MZ770 Series includes two models, the PT-MZ770 that features WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution and 4K signal input, the PT-MW730 with WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution. Both models are available with a standard lens or without a lens, six (6) optional lenses are available to choose from.



One of the benefits of increased competition in the large venue sector is that brands that were previously considered unaffordable now appear on many buyers’ radars. Christie continues to strengthen its 1DLP laser lineup with the addition of the 4K7-HS and 4K10-HS models. Featuring 4K UHD resolution and Christie BoldColor Technology, both models are equipped with Christie Twist warping and blending software and the omnidirectional capability to be installed in businesses, public spaces, hotels, higher education and selected entertainment venues.


Both HS Series models allow 4K60 video over a single HDMI or Display Port cable, simplifying setup and cable routing, and the integrated camera assists users in ensuring the projector is set up and aligned to a single screen and delivers auto zoom and focus of the imagery. Both models offer two new 4K specific lenses for six overall options to meet your application needs.

At InfoComm, Christie also showed four new 1DLP laser projectors. At 20,000 lumens, the Christie D20WU-HS/D20HD-HS are the lightest and brightest 1DLP laser projectors available, and at 16,000 lumens, the Christie D16WU-HS/D16HD-HS are the lightest and brightest 1DLP laser projectors to operate at full brightness on a single 15A, 110V circuit.

Christie D20WU-HS/D20HD-HS and D16WU-HS/D16HD-HS offer optional onboard Christie Twist warping and blending capabilities for quick and easy setup of irregular screens and multi-projector arrays, as well as omnidirectional capabilities so they can be installed in the orientation that best suits the design and space.

Resolution increases

Resolution was also on the increase at InfoComm 2018. NEC Display Solutions announced the release of a new ultra-high definition installation projector, the PX1005QL. With 8.3 million visible pixels, the PX1005QL laser projector enables presentations with extreme detail, brings content to life and alleviates the traditional need for multiple displays. The laser light engine allows for constant brightness and image integrity, lowering both audience frustrations and maintenance concerns, keeping TCO to a minimum.

“This new projector combines brightness, 4K/UHD resolution, and multi-picture capabilities,” says Richard McPherson, Senior Product Manager at NEC Display Solutions. “We’re excited about this high-resolution projector because it’s designed for maximum detail and the ability to display four separate images at once to create the ultimate presentation experience.”

With four times the resolution and superior colour reproduction, the PX1005QL is ideal for auditoriums, museums, theatres, sanctuaries, network operation centres and similar venues. It’s particularly well-suited for artwork, photos, and other colour-critical applications, as well as for CAD and architectural drawings where the maximum amount of detail is required.


The projector features a 1-Chip DLP that produces 10,000 lumens and a viewable resolution of 3840 × 2160, creating amazingly detailed images. It boasts 20,000 hours of near maintenance-free performance with a sealed optical engine for low maintenance and low TCO.


Interchangeable lenses provide installation flexibility and ease of replacement

Dual HDMI (HDCP v2.2), Dual DisplayPort, HDBaseT, Quad 3G SDI for support of native 4K sources. Powered focus, zoom and lens shift allows for installation flexibility, Edge blending, stacking, geometric correction and mapping capabilities to create images on alternative surfaces. Cornerstone and geometric correction, which ensures an accurately portrayed image no matter where the projector is placed or what shape it’s projecting onto.


Expanded applications


Projection in adverse environments was improved with the IP60-rated and 100% sealed optics of Digital Projection’s 3-Chip DLP laser phosphor TITAN Laser 37000. Boasting 37,000 Lumens, the TITAN’s singularity amongst 3-Chip laser projectors is further distinguished by the utilisation of the most advanced 100% sealed optical engine that uses liquid cooling with radiators to remove energy.


The TITAN Laser, available in both 4K-UHD and WUXGA resolution. It is uniquely placed in the market as the brightest 3-Chip DLP laser phosphor projector and boasts 100% sealed optics, as well as utilising liquid-cooling with radiators to remove energy to the outside environment. Its optical system – from the laser light source up to the lens – is completely sealed and rated at IP60. This ensures that light output and colour performance will not be degraded due to the ingress of dust.


Also, on show at InfoComm was the M-Vision Laser 21000, E-Vision Laser 13000 and E-Vision Laser 11000 4K-UHD. These new models complete the comprehensive single-chip projector range already available from the British manufacturer, with the added benefit of IP60-rated sealed optics and a built-in colour boost technology

Structured within Digital Projection’s 1-Chip range of DLP laser projectors, the new ColorBoost + Red Laser technology is an intelligent processing innovation to deliver the most accurate colour reproduction, bringing performances ever closer to that of 3-Chip DLP projectors.


The use of red lasers, coupled with a specially-designed colour wheel, assure no loss of brightness and enable projectors to produce more vivid, saturated and life-like images than has previously been possible. The resulting colour gamut guarantees the projector will achieve at least the REC709 standard. Our conclusion from InfoComm was that the market for projectors shows no sign of a fall away in innovation.


Ideally suited to 24/7 operation, the Vivitek DU6693Z offers 7,000 lumen brightness and WUXGA resolution.

Ideally suited to 24/7 operation, the Vivitek DU6693Z offers 7,000 lumen brightness and WUXGA resolution.

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