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PSCo Rental Wonderland Review

PSCo Rental – December Open Week / Technology Showcase (3-7th December 2018)



PSCo Rental opened the doors of their Reading HQ last week to invite their trade rental partners to come in and see a range of new and exciting display technologies, presented and demonstrated face-to-face by their team of experts.

The event was orchestrated by Tom Allott (PSCo Asset Manager) who saw this as an opportunity, not only to showcase ground-breaking new technologies but also to gather valuable market feedback;

“PSCo has a long history of bringing innovative new display technologies to the trade rental market – but it’s also very important for us to make sure that we listen to our partners about the technologies that their clients are interested in and are talking to them about”

Matthew Young | Key Account & Project Manager at Scion Interactive attended the Wonderland event with a client and commented “It was so useful to be able to show the client in person the products that are available and to have the PSCo experts on hand to answer all the questions our client had”

Tom added: “Over the last few years our focus for rental product has been primarily on LED, but more recently we have invested substantially in Epson laser projection, 4K LCD and interactive products & technologies, with great success at filling in the gaps of products that our partners need”

Amongst the technologies showcased were large-format and LCD products from Samsung, LG, Sony, and Philips – but also on display there were specialist and technical new products including Peerless (Xtreme 55” high-brightness outdoor LCD), xtreMTouch IR touch-enabled LED and Kino-mo’s highly popular HyperVSN 3D LED projection wall.

One thing in particular that PSCo achieved from the event was to learn more about the demand for more specialist and niche products and technologies. This provides invaluable insight and PSCo are now able to further invest in multiple vertical market sectors, in turn making these products far more accessible and available to those small and medium AV hire and production companies who traditionally wouldn’t normally look to buy these themselves.

Stuart Holmes, Director | PSCo stated “We are overwhelmed by the hugely positive response to this new event. Following the success of the events we held in 2018 we now intend to run even more such events next year. 2019 is set to be an exciting year for PSCo with activities that will not only help strengthen our position but also improve support for our staff, suppliers, and customers alike”

On display in the PSCo Assessment Centre were;

Large Format Zone

  • Peerless 55” multi-touch kiosk (freestanding)
  • Samsung QH55H – QLED 55”
  • Samsung QH65H – QLED 65”
  • Sony FW-85BZ35F – 4K HDR 85” professional display
  • Sony FW-75BZ35F – 4K HDR 75” professional display
  • Sony FW-65BZ35F – 4K HDR 65” professional display
  • LG OLED 55” Wallpaper

RGB Link ZoneMeeting room 1

  • RGBLink X1 Pro E 10bit 4K Scaler
  • RGBLink D6 12bit Video Processor (feat. Demo of Xpose control software)
  • RGBLink MSP200Pro Signal Generator/Tester 

Rental LED Zone

  • Absen PL3.9 Indoor – 5×3 panels / 640x384px
  • Absen M2.9 Pro w/Edge90 – 8×4 panels / 1344x672px
  • Absen PL2.5 Pro – 8×4 panels / 1600x800px (curved concave)
  • Absen PL3.9 Pro Indoor/Outdoor – 7×4 panels / 896x512px (flown from truss)


  • Absen 1.5mm AX15 (brand new 1.5mm product)
  • HyperVSN 3D LED (6x units in ‘Wall’ configuration)
  • Citron xtreMTouch Bars touch-enabled LED
  • NexNovo NR3 Transparent LED
  • YipLED ICE Transparent LED


  • Phillips 55” H-Line Hi-bright 2000nits FullHD on SL75
  • Phillips 75” H-Line HI-bright 3000nits 4K (portrait) on SL75


  • Epson EB-L15000U, 15,000 lumens 3LCD Laser Projector
  • Epson EB-L20000U, 20,000 lumens 3LCD Laser Projector
  • Epson EV105 Lightscene 3LCD Laser Projector 2,000 lumens
  • Peerless 55” Outdoor Xtreme High-brightness
  • LG 86” stretch 86BH5C


About PSCo

PSCo is are specialists in new technologies including LED and Laser Projection, working closely with leading manufacturers – including Absen, Leyard, Samsung and Epson – to find the right solution. they hold extensive product stock and support partners with preferential payment terms, bespoke and off-the-shelf mounting solutions and full technical services.





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