• Saturday , 23 October 2021

Relaunching GV in Lockdown

With a new board in place GV Multimedia, has a brand-new look and name. One of the largest and oldest AV integrators in the industry, newly appointed joint MDs Daniel Abrahams and Kristian Cutting explain the motivation behind their relaunch and how they pulled it off during a pandemic. 
Founded almost 45 years ago, veteran AV integration and system design specialist has rebranded, updating it’s digital presence and identity and changing the business name to GVAV, to reflect the changing times and technology. “In the early days, our name reflected the technology and services we were delivering. I’ve worked in the business for over 20-years. Multimedia is infinitely larger than it once was, the capabilities of audio-visual technologies are almost limitless now. GVAV reflects our specialism and heritage”, comments Kristian Cutting.
Originally a division of construction giant Taylor Woodrow, it was bought out in 2001 by the company’s chairman, Brian Abrahams, and vice chairwoman, Lilian Cutting. With a long standing working relationship behind them, the duo increased the business’s profits and capabilities year on year; firmly establishing GV as the market leader in Higher Education and a major supplier to corporate and public services across the UK.
Abrahams and Cutting handed over management of the company to their respective sons, Daniel and Kristian, earlier this year and appointed Commercial Director, Nicola Cutting and Michelle Shepherd to the board. Kristian and Daniel bring a wealth of experience to the table as joint managing directors. Abrahams, an accountant and former venture capitalist with years of experience running businesses joined the fold last year. While Cutting, who has climbed the ranks and previously held the position of sales director, oversees sales and operations. 
Cutting and Abrahams, who have been friends since childhood, have a deep understanding of the business and what each brings to the table. “Kristian knows AV and GV inside out and is one of the key reasons for our growth and success to date. My background as an FD and MD for VC backed companies means that I know how to run good organisations and keep all the administration and finances under control”, says Abrahams.  
The company is known for investing in its people, with Prince2 and Avixa CTS Technical, and other professional development programs offered to staff. Cutting explains that many of the staff are long standing “work-family” that always go the extra mile for customers. This includes the company’s divisional directors, Richard Watts and Kim Liddle who have 31-and-29 year’s service respectively.
The business also holds a number of ISO accreditations for operational and security standards, data security, operations and the environmental impact of the business, providing customers with the highest standard of service delivery and assurance. Another key factor in its continued growth and success, are its regional hubs where customers can demo the latest technology.
Undertaking a rebrand in a pandemic is not for the faint of heart. Like many businesses in the AV sector, GVAV’s clients needed AV systems installed during lockdown that would enable remote working. To ensure the safety of customers and staff, GVAV invested in making their premises Covid-Secure, installing hand washing and sanitizing stations, introducing temperature check points, using its supply chain to source PPE when there was a global shortage, and implementing strict Covid-19 safety guidelines across its operation. 
“Initially the rebrand was put on hold temporarily so that we could focus on implementing safe working standards. Many of our customers needed systems installed to enable teams to work remotely”, responds Cutting. “Not surprisingly there was an increased demand in education for interactive AV technologies to support remote learning and teaching”.    
Abrahams adds, “I’m not going to lie, back in March we all took a collective gulp and were understandably concerned, however we were also keen to keep going for our staff and customers, accommodating the unique challenges and changing requirements with our usual grit and determination”
Working with AV specialist digital creative agency, Tiga Creative Marketing, the team pulled together to sign off creative iterations and Abrahams was keen to prioritise the company’s investment into its IT infrastructure. “Part of the generation change was bringing fresh impetus and we did not want to delay – after all we are a cutting-edge AV business, and it was important to convey that to our stakeholders and the industry at large” he concludes.
To read more about the changes at GVAV visit https://www.gvav.com 

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