• Saturday , 23 October 2021

Reseller / Integrator of the Year 2021

In a year dominated by the constrictive impacts of a global pandemic, Visavvi has continued its growth and leadership within the industry, addressing the communication needs of businesses and individuals alike during a time of unprecedented strain and stress. A reputation for extensive industry experience and insight, coupled with innovative thinking and the strategic partnership support from global manufacturers, saw many critical sectors including corporate, legal, health, education, MOD and central government approach Visavvi for support services, solutions and to get the job done! Visavvi’s long standing financial and operational security has been a positive asset in attracting these clients.

  • Global expansion–Visavvi ha continued to expand its global operations to support an expanding portfolio of enterprise clients. Spearheaded by a new Head of Global Strategy Elliott Moores, Visavvi have created a unique 20 country network with 8 partners who have all been inducted into delivering the same high standard of workplace technology deployment. This achievement was further bolstered by acquiring the ultimate industry credential as a member of the renowned PSNI Global Alliance, following an approach to become a UK partner. This well-deserved accreditation provides Visavvi with access to over 188 global offices across 49 countries.
  • Agility–Visavvi has remained highly agile during the pandemic, quickly responding and reviewing it’s critical logistic and business operations to align with the demands of a repeatedly and rapidly changing marketplace. Successfully negotiating the challenges of near total disruption has seen the brand retain its position as the UK’s largest independently owned AV integrator in a time of peer acquisition. As many businesses struggled to deploy remote working technology to their staff, Visavvi were able to expand logistics to enable pre-packaged work from home technology bundles to be sent direct to end users’ homes, reducing the burden on organisations who were forced to close their own business operations
  • Innovation – Visavvi responded by providing inventive solutions to help clients achieve their needs. The flagship in house videoconferencing platform Convene was robustly updated at speed to provide extensive new levels of capacity – a rise of 250% to clients along with flexible and scalable trials, short term contracts and upgrades for both new and existing clients. Free capacity upgrades were offered to NHS clients to help expand their COVID response meeting capability. As many organisations saw their budgets slashed, Visavvi responded by introducing a comprehensive AVaaS offering ahead of time, to ensure clients had a clear route to access the required video collaboration tech they needed immediately, as part of a sustainable solution. And to ensure all this technology continued to perform under gruelling conditions, the remote monitoring and service offering was given a total revamp and a new bespoke in-house platform called Vantage introduced
  • Marketing and communication -Visavvi retained a primary focus on expanding marketing activities to ensure that both colleagues, clients and partners were reliably informed of current solutions and services to help combat the pandemic. Quick to adopt a “not time to sell but a time to help” initiative meant focussing on supporting clients with viable options to meet their new normal communication and collaboration needs. The power of internal marketing was not overlooked and as a business, a significant effort was focussed on managing staff morale and mental wellbeing, especially for those team members WFH or who were on furlough.
  • Support and partnerships – Visavvi demonstrated the power of developing trusted partner relationships with both clients, suppliers and colleagues. The deep relationships developed with manufacturing and distribution partners enabled Visavvi to support its sister event brand Sparq to fulfil one of the key projects of the year that has enabled the Scottish legal system to address the rapidly expanding backlog of court cases. In an inspired initiative driven by a partnership between Sparq, ODEON and the Scottish Courts and Tribunal service, Visavvi were able to procure over £1 million worth of technology to support the use of remote jurors during court proceedings. This included the supply of 40 poly codecs, over 608 PZT camera’s and all driven through the use of Visavvi’s own Convene videoconferencing platform. Visavvi were also pivotal in the UK Governments trade negotiations with the EU for the BEIS. Specifying, installing and supporting over 50 video communication rooms with Poly X50 videoconferencing systems allowed these crucial meetings to take place over video when face to face meetings were not possible.

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