• Tuesday , 19 October 2021

Sahara’s Tech Showcase 2018 takes the Stage

As if any further evidence was necessary, less than a week after the “Connect- age of collaboration” event, Sahara held its annual Tech Showcase at Hanbury Manor for partners and others. Collaboration was, of course, one of the central themes with the official announcement of STAGE on Clevertouch – a video collaboration and meeting tool, co-developed by Clevertouch and Nuiteq. Collaboration Workshops

Delegates a series of collaboration workshops – discussions and demonstrations on the latest collaboration technologies.

Tech in Education workshop focused on how schools, colleges and universities are overcoming tech barriers and using AV effectively to engage, inspire, communicate and collaborate. The Clevertouch solution has come to support not just front of class teaching, but also utilising student devices, not to mention digital signage integration.

The AV in Enterprise workshop discussed how companies can use the latest technologies to meet the growing demands for greater collaboration between local and dispersed teams. Demonstrations showed how the latest top-of-the-range hardware and software products, walk-up-and-use solutions, mixed IT estates and secure connected environment can be created for enterprise-wide employees and visitors. Other collaboration technologies included Clevertouch’s new enterprise E-CAP touchscreen and Jamboard from Google.

New for 2018, the Digital Signage Experience zone was a chance for visitors to immerse themselves in this burgeoning AV specialist area.  As the hardware and software technologies advance, new possibilities in retail, enterprise, healthcare, hospitality, higher and further education are being realised.  Digital signage has the ability to transform any environment into an entertainment centre, an information point, a booking system, a directional way-finder, interactive feedback facility as well as an instant messaging and emergency alerts system across an entire corporate estate, campus or shopping centre.

Visitors were able to engage with a giant LED video wall, touch screens, triggers, QR Codes and more in a dedicated 72 m² environment featuring the latest intelligent digital signage software and hardware from industry forefront brands including Sedao, NEC, Panasonic, Vivitek, Clevertouch and BenQ.

Visitors had a chance to see LED technology from Vivitek and Epson’s new large projection models. Sahara’s Tech Showcase was in its fifth incarnation this year and remains a unique mix of a business and social event, with Hanbury Manor providing the convivial surroundings for further bonding the distributor and its customers.

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