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Saville Group Signals the Start of a New Era

Saville Group Signals the Start of a New Era

Saville Audio Visual, the leading AV integrator and live event specialist, is set to launch three new visual identities and revamped websites after enjoying a period of strong growth.

Saville Group has been revealed as the new parent brand. It will be joined by Sparq and Visavvi as the company’s live events business and the AV systems specialists respectively.

Colin Nixey, joint managing director of Saville Group, said: “So far 2018 has been one of our busiest years yet. We have invested in creating three new brands to futureproof the company, as well as ensuring our people are the best in the business so that we can continue to support new and existing clients across the UK, Europe and the US.

“Our first-rate, highly trained workforce of more than 200 skilled professionals is hugely important to our success. It means we can continue to provide excellent service, produce exciting live events and deliver innovative business collaboration solutions to our clients.”

The brand launches have been supported with the unveiling of three new responsive websites: www.saville.group; www.visavvi.com; and www.sparq.live.

Andy Dyson, joint managing director of Saville Group, said: “We have an incredibly strong heritage and have been delivering innovative, high quality AV systems integration and live event services for many years.

“Our industry is continually evolving and over a sustained period of very strong growth, which has brought turnover to more than £41m, the board decided we needed to see a change in the way in which we present ourselves through our brands. This will ensure we set the standard for live events and business collaboration for our clients now and in coming years.”

The process means that Saville Group, Sparq and Visavvi will be bringing key strengths to the forefront of the businesses. “To do this, our clients and our people were heavily involved in the change process, with some fantastic feedback that was included at the heart of the changes.” continued Andy Dyson

Saville Group’s new brand reflects its unique position in the industry and combines a sleek, modern outlook with its heritage as one of the UK’s longest-established audio visual companies. It represents strong values, passion and dynamism, underpinning its commitment to working with a wide range of businesses throughout the world.

Colin Nixey, joint managing director of Saville Group, added: “Our brand transformation project has given us an excellent opportunity to review and consolidate our core values as a company. We’ve created three exciting new brands that accurately reflect who we are and our approach to working closely with our clients. It’s been an incredibly positive experience for our teams, uniting us with one clear vision and approach for the future.”

About Saville Group

Saville Group is a global leader with an unrivalled history of embracing new technology to drive business communications forward. Providing a solid corporate foundation for its operating brands Sparq and Visavvi, the group is actively redefining the audio visual industry in response to our changing world, plotting a progressive path towards continued industry innovation.

Saville support clients across a broad range of industries including leading universities, hospitals, government departments, military establishments and public sector organisations, plus blue-chip corporate clients in the UK and around the world.

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