• Tuesday , 19 October 2021

Sennheiser MB 360 UC

The design of the Sennheiser headset is embellished with chrome details and features ear cups that completely envelop the ears.

Quite coincidentally, Sennheiser’s new MB 360 UC Bluetooth headset with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) arrived within 24 hours of the Logitech product, enabling us to run a side-by-side comparison. Like the Logitech Zone Wireless, the MB 360 UC is designed for office workers who need to work from everywhere using one single headset, for both calls and music.

The MB 360 UC is created for modern office workers, who need to concentrate and collaborate in noisy environment such as open offices, coworking spaces or when commuting. The ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) technology efficiently reduces distracting noises and ensures maximum concentration while the comfortable soft ear pads provide excellent comfort even after hours of wearing. The MB 360 UC headset has a talk time of up to 25 hours and is UC optimized, increasing productivity. Moreover, the headset connects to a mobile device and is said to be optimised for Unified Communication.

Stylish and modern

The design of the Sennheiser headset is embellished with chrome details and features ear cups that completely envelop the ears, unlike the Logitech Zone Wireless which sit on, rather than cover the ears. We found the Sennheiser headset both comfortable and effective, when used in conjunction with the ANC function, at insulating the user from background news.

Theis Mork, Vice President of Product Management at Sennheiser Communications highlights the key features of the design: “Flexibility is more important than ever. Sennheiser’s MB 360 UC headset supports the modern style of working, enabling its users to work just as well on the train, at the airport or in a café as in the traditional office space. The sleek modern design and foldable easy-to-store headband will appeal to the style conscious worker. In addition, the refined sound for music makes working as well as commuting much more enjoyable”.

The controls are concentrated on a strip of buttons on one of the ear cups. The possible selective muting that these provide allow users to vary the music volume
while engaged on calls (the music can’t be heard by a caller). The MB360 needs a little more an introduction to prospective users but in our opinion it’s worth it. The MB 360 UC headset is UC optimised, but also is a fine headset for general use.

Good value

Priced at £170 (including VAT) the MB360 is a few pounds cheaper than the Logitech but price is unlikely to be the determining factor in the user’s choice. There are some other advantages that the Sennheiser enjoys. For example, battery life of the MB 360 is 25 hours, compared to 15 for the Logitech. We also found the ANC to be more effective. Styling is much more subjective, but those of our team in the target market preferred the solidity and detailing of the Sennheiser.

In use for purely playing music, and connected to Bluetooth, the user can control iPhone volume, rewind, skip, and forward track choice from the buttons on the headset. Our only reservation, which have referred back to Sennheiser is that

the buttons on the MB360 don’t appear to work when the unit is on charge via the

USB connection and Aux cable in use.

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