• Tuesday , 19 October 2021

SMART Exchange encourages registrations

SMART Technologies announces a number of enhancements to the SMART Exchange website. Users of SMART’s rapidly growing online community will soon have the opportunity to login as registered members, enabling them to access exclusive features designed to simplify and enhance file sharing and networking. Once registered, members will continue to have full access to more than 51,000 digital resources and interactive lesson activities, including those created by SMART, publishers and other educators. Members will also have their own My Resources area where they can edit, delete or replace their uploaded files at any time. Through the My Resources area, members will be able to view all files they have shared, including how many other members have downloaded or recommended them. In November 2010, SMART began compiling accredited third-party software and content in a designated Accredited Titles section of the SMART Exchange website, giving users quick and easy access to even more digital resources. Registering for the website also gives members access to the SMART Learning Space (learningspace.smarttech.com), a virtual learning environment launched in October 2010 where users can access, register for and manage SMART online training courses. Registration for membership to the SMART Exchange website is free of charge and will begin in February 2011.

The SMART Exchange website is one of the world’s fastest-growing online education communities with an average 27,000 visitors every day and as many as one million downloads per month, and more than five million visits and 29 million page views since the website first launched in September 2009. With more than 43 country-specific sites offering digital resources and interactive lesson activities in 20 different languages, the website offers the broadest global scope of any interactive whiteboard online community. Members can access both the SMART Exchange website and the SMART Learning Space using the same login information. Once members have logged into either the SMART Exchange website or the SMART Learning Space, they will be automatically logged into the other website, enabling seamless navigation between the two. The SMART Exchange website is part of SMART’s comprehensive education solution, offering a wide variety of digital resources and materials, including SMART Notebook collaborative learning software lesson activities, SMART Response interactive response question-and-answer sets and SMART Table interactive learning center activities and applications, as well as images, videos and other digital content.

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