• Thursday , 21 October 2021

SMS herald new product range

At the ISE held recently in Amsterdam, Smart Media Solutions presented several new AV and electronic products. Perhaps the most notable of these products was the new SMS Touch VeriTable: a flexible application of a touch-sensitive screen upon a newly flexible and steady bracket by which the user can alternate between using it as an interactive board and an interactive desk. The new brackets ensure that even the heaviest touch-sensitive screens can be held firmly  and prevent the screen shaking when touched. This solution offers companies, universities and architects a range of new possibilities.

The SMS Touch Mobile Motorised rolls on wheels and has electrical height adjustment. Also, an easily adjusted alternative for wall mounting is the SMS Touch Wall-Floor Motorised. Both of these are gracile yet robust.

 The spring of 2011 sees the launch of a completely new product group with modular solutions, making it easy to install screens in a row or as a video wall. These products allow edge-to-edge mounting and image alignment. The SMS Multi Display Wall + has a  “push” function that allows service on an individual screen while the others are in use. Another version, the SMS Multi Display Wall “which does not have the push function) is available for screens as large as 65”.

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