• Tuesday , 19 October 2021

SpinetiX unveils cut down software

SpinetiX has introduced a new digital signage software application designed to simplify the implementation of small-scale signage projects. Now installed within every SpinetiX HMP Hyper Media Player (HMP), Fusion allows content to be managed via a web browser interface, either locally or remotely. Once connection to the player has been achieved, content can be uploaded, edited and published with minimal technical skill and in very little time.

Serge Konter, marketing manager at SpinetiX explained: “While larger digital signage or advertising networks are likely to be run by network personnel with a certain amount of specialist knowledge, small-scale and single-location rollouts are different. Our objective with Fusion was to embed a digital signage application that works instantly and allows system setup to be completed by the installer or the end user.”.

“We estimate that in most situations, it will take less than 30 minutes for an initial setup to be completed under the Fusion application, with content being fed to screens so that they appear ‘blank’ for as little time as possible after installation.”

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