• Saturday , 23 October 2021

Stena Line Ferries take on LG installations

The world’s largest super ferries, the Stena Hollandica and the Stena Britannica, which ply the route between Harwich in the UK and the Hook of Holland near the Dutch capital Den Haag, have implemented the LG Hotel TV hospitality system. On each ferry, each of the cabins is fitted with 22” LG LCD televisions, with 32” televisions in premium cabins.

There is a central rack of receivers which feeds the LG Hotel TV distribution system. This advanced platform encodes all channels to a common MPEG-4/H.264 format and delivers it via a complex RF network, ensuring stable performance on every screen. The result is that passengers can relax and catch up on television while crossing the North Sea.

“I have been using LG products at home as well as on some of our ships for years, so I know them to be very reliable,” said Richard Moon, audio-visual manager for Stena Line BV. “For the two new vessels I tested hotel television systems from several manufacturers. The LG televisions had the edge over the competition in picture quality, and their overall system offering gave us the best price as well as performance.”

“These two super-ferries are remarkably advanced vessels, and deserve an advanced, future-proof television distribution system,” said Roy Martin, technical manager of LG Electronics. “At LG we have put our weight behind providing excellent support for our business to business partners, and we are delighted to be able to point to the Stena Line installations as a great success.”

The Stena Hollandica was launched in May 2010 and sister ship Stena Britannica was launched in October 2010. Each is 240m long and carries 230 cars, 300 freight vehicles and 1200 passengers.

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