• Thursday , 21 October 2021

VIEWSONIC – TD1655 Portable Touch Monitor

With lockdown accelerating and popularising WFH, increasing numbers of knowledge workers are using their increasingly powerful smartphones as their primary IT devices. Fine as far as its goes, but what if users need to share their content with a group of meeting attendees. The super elegant ViewSonic TD1655 Portable Touch Monitor provides a means of extending the smartphone or laptop display to a 16” Full HD display with a built-in stand. cover and speakers. What’s more, the TD1655 was found to add touch facilities to a non-touch PC laptop!


The ViewSonic TD1655 is a beautifully designed portable 16” Full HD touch monitor perfect for overcoming one-screen limitations outside the office. Users can extend the screen from phones, tablets, or laptops for mobile work, one-on-one presentations, or leisure entertainment. The two universal USB Type C connectors provide a one-cable solution for audio-visual, power, and touch signal transmission. The adjustable widescreen stand, and pivot-able display, will support various working angles. With the ant slip cover, stainless case, aluminium stand, and 6H hardness screen, reliability is embodied in the design.

The primary benefit of this device is to extend the users primary screen with the built-in USB Type C laptop from a tablet or phone. It supports Windows, Android, Chrome, MacOS, and iOS (with the appropriate cables for Apple devices from the end of this month).

Users can broadcast the built-in Type C mobile device’s multimedia onto a bigger screen and charge (up to 60W) over one cable while powering from an external power bank/outlet over the other USB Type C cable. Control of a large screen with touch gives more intuitive and efficient reactions. The attached magnetic touch pen allows you to draw and write notes without leaving fingerprints. (One-point touch support for MacOS; does not apply to iOS & iPadOS devices.)

The 16” display is larger than most common laptops and weighing less than 1 kg. From a design perspective, the TD1655 reflects the recent improvements in the industrial design of ViewSonic’s products. It perfectly completes a mobile workplace and can be used for multimedia play when taking a break. It is totally portable and great to use with its super clear 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Besides common horizontal content, users can setup a pivot screen for table-reviewing, programming, photo-editing and gaming. When transporting the display, users can avoid damaging the unit by using the detachable magnetic cover. The cover is easy to put on and to use as a mat. Its anti-slip surface prevents the monitor from sliding away. With its metal case and endurable hinge, the foldable aluminium stand makes the whole monitor a compact. one-piece design.

Working at a preferred angle

  • Supports Vertical Layout
  • Magnetic Cover and Mat
  • Robust One-piece Design
  • Working in Your Preferred Angles
  • View in a wide range of angles by adjusting the attached stand.

ViewSonic TD1655 Key Features

  • Easily extend your content from laptops and mobile devices
  • 10 points Projected Capacitive Touch
  • One-cable solution for audio-visual, power, and touch signal transmission
  • Flexible display setup – work at any angle
  • Compact size, light weight, and highly portable
  • Extend Your Content from Mobile Devices
  • Audiovisual Extension while Power Charging
  • Touch Feedback Control
  • Portable Size for Work & Fun

ConnectivityMini HDMI, USB-C x2 (2-Way Power meaning a connected laptop can power the monitor, or the monitor can power a connected laptop via USB-C power bank or AC adapter and outlet)     Mini HDMI, USB-C x2 (2-Way Power meaning a connected laptop can power the monitor, or the monitor can power a connected laptop via USB-C power bank or AC adapter and outlet)

Special Features: Complimentary USB-C and mini HDMI Cables, Leather Case, StandComplimentary USB-C and mini HDMI Cables, Leather Case, Stand, Passive Pen


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