• Wednesday , 27 October 2021

The Edge 55” Videowall & Vodex controller

With last year’s announcement that both Samsung and LG were starting to pull away from LCD manufacture, The LED Studio and their brand VOD Visual was inspired to move forward on their LED replacement.

Unlike the 27.5” cabinets with which some had proposed to replace the most popular LCD screen size (the 55” that is used for everything from Menu Boards to videowall displays in retail and control rooms, to your TV at home), the LED Studio decided to offer something that would not only replace LCD, but be lighter, more economical, brighter and last longer…

The new single diecast “Edge 55” cabinet revolutionises the way videowalls can be used and installed. Whereas bezels where indeed getting smaller in LCD screens, they were also getting more fragile. If you are an installer or integrator who has never damaged the bezel on an LCD videowall, especially when using those pop out brackets you are in a very small club indeed!


Available in pixel pitches from P0.9 to P2.5, there is something for all budgets and resolutions from retail to control rooms.   The cabinets can be mounted directly to a wall and have X-Y level adjustment, so do not need expensive brackets, and the cable management is within the cabinets, as they are totally front-service. They can also be supplied with VESA mounting when used as individual stand-alone units.

When used in mission-critical areas, such as control rooms, they are provided with optional data and power redundancy systems.

Unlike competitors’ screens, these run cold, giving longer life for the panel and electronics and enabling the LED Studio to soon announce a highbright version of up to 4000 nits to complement their range. A GOB resin finish is available to protect the screen as well as anti-Moiré technology if used for filming.

Each panel is 1212mm x 682mm and just 58mm deep. Their lightweight nature (at only 15kg) means a trouble-free install.

The Vodex controller was chosen as an alternative to the excellent yet sometimes expensive options of aftermarket videowall controllers.  The Vodex synchronous controller can be had with 2 to 32 inputs of any type, HDMI, DVI etc, which allows any image to be placed in any position on the bezel-free screen. A wealth of functions and facilities are as standard, such as picture in picture, zoom, random positioning, subtitles, pre-monitoring, HDR and much more.  Depending on the number of inputs required, the Vodex comes in a 2U to 32U rack-mount case.

This has a full monitoring function which relays directly back to the control PC. The intelligent auto scaling handles 2, 4 and 8k processing, allowing multiple groups of splicing walls and displays of different HD base maps, while supporting full frame image synchronisation.

In short, it is ready to handle 99% of applications and The LED Studio can custom configure for any remaining ones.

The LED Studio are looking to give integrators hands on experience on this new product intheir HQ as well as looking for worldwide partners for distribution.



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