• Thursday , 21 October 2021


The LED Studio is now in its 10th year and still growing exponentially. For some time best known to integrators and clients for the bespoke design of cutting-edge LED displays, The LED Studio is emerging as one of the leaders in this fast-developing industry.

CEO Rob Bint, whose vision has always been to make LED simple and reliable, has remained at the forefront of the AV industry, regardless of the many later arrivals in the field who have self-declared as experts.

The LED Studio has Europe’s largest LED screen design and production area, equipped with massive technical and display facilities and are undertaking some of the largest DOOH projects ever. Already Made in Britain, they are planning to bring full LED production to the UK in the future. A recent visit by the UK Ambassador to Production partner VOD-Visual, was to mark the approval of the UK government for this exciting development, and to facilitate the way forward.


Based in Swindon, their showroom -the largest in Europe- offers hundreds of different types of LED screens, VR production facilities, event space, and more. They have grown accustomed to the jaw-dropping impact their offering has on first time-clients walking into their unique 35,000 square foot facility.

The LED Studio are unique in the fact they design and have their own production partnership (VOD-Visual) in China from where they monitor and fine-tune their manufacturing:  in non-COVID times, the Chinese team is integrated fully with the Swindon team. This ability to closely monitor quality control has enabled the core business of OEM to maintain the first-class standard of quality demanded by major brands.

The LED Studio innovates constantly and many of their unique products are regularly adopted or copied by others in the field. In this industry, it’s often said that the main real change in LED in recent years has been the ever-decreasing pixel pitch. However, to list the new products, ideas and developments that have emerged from Swindon in the last few years would reveal a host of innovations and advances.

In contrast to the norm (where, for example, if a client wanted to see and buy a fine-pitch screen), in order to view the exact item, they would probably be required to visit China or one of the big exhibitions like ISE (an increasingly difficult undertaking in these times), the LED Studio can simply invite clients to turn up to a vast showroom and compare content on many different screens and resolutions. On purchase, often the screens are in UK stock for immediate delivery.   They keep a huge stock of cabinets, and often, with the ability to manufacture the lightweight LED panels in just 10 days, the usual months-long production and shipping waiting times are eliminated.

Other than a small sign on the door of the showroom, the facility is mainly unbranded, which is strongly appreciated by integrators, designers, architects etc, as they can bring their clients into a building that can be instantly branded with products, the client’s logo, and imaging, at the touch of a button. This, combined with the hot-desking area and spacious boardroom, makes it a versatile, convenient space for visitors.

Outdoor Billboards, Sports Perimeter, Virtual Film Production, Retail, Shelf Displays, Boardroom, All-in-one Displays, Transparent Screens, Flexible LED: no area of products is left out, with dozens of screens and hundreds of LED types, this truly is a facility to behold.


Due to several ground-breaking new products, it is felt that now is the time to launch the brand and enter new markets. The LED Studio is therefore actively looking for new partners in several world regions for their Eco Fusion Billboard and Edge videowall screen (more of which below).

In a few weeks, clients who wish to visit The LED Studio’s new London showroom in Paddington will be able to view examples of transparent LED glass screens, billboards, interactive displays and the world’s first true LED videowall, in this exciting venue.

One of the core values of The LED Studio is its green credentials and commitment to a responsible carbon impact: the reason behind their continual development of innovations to reduce power consumption. A clear illustration of the LED Studio’s success in this regard can be seen in the contrast between the substantial heat emitted on the front of their competitors’ screens, to their own screens, which run cold.  Further, their screens need less manpower to install and are lighter than most others, leaving a smaller carbon footprint for the installation.

The LED Studio strive to make the whole procurement process simpler and less painful. For example, during the initial contact process, where they will openly explain the difference in products and talk prices and options from the start. Many of their competitors refuse to give a cost until integrators reveal a degree of their own or their clients’ financial information, but The LED studio has opted for a more user-friendly approach, with objective advice and free-flowing price information: understanding the ‘ballpark cost’ from their customer’s point of view.

Although their screens are seen by millions of people every week, in locations such as roadside advertising, football and sports stadiums, airports and travel hubs, their website is not crowded with images of these. The LED Studio is happy to OEM and white label their products, which has meant that, despite their ubiquity, they have, until recently, been a “best kept secret”.  Now, however, they are steadily becoming recognised as the biggest force in the industry. Many who previously thought of them as competitors are realising that, by using their LED screens, they can save money and give clients a superior product.

The team in Swindon is growing fast and they have just taken on more new recruits as they rapidly expand. Sales Director Neil Longuet-Higgins says “Encouraging new talent in this industry is so important, I look back to early days in the 90’s and remember with affection taking on young, green recruits who are now senior stalwarts of the industry. We must all do our bit and encourage growth as we emerge from these difficult times”

Of the many services that they offer, from bespoke screen design and modification, installation, maintenance and monitoring, is repair of all LED panels from any manufacturer, the majority of which are done in-house. Increasingly, as the UK estate of screens is starting to age, clients, whether they be a media owner with hundreds of sites, or an individual retailer with a screen in their shop, are finding their needs met by the LED Studio, which also has facilities to decommission and safely dispose of out-of-date products.

2021 has seen several firsts, including the new 55” Edge cabinet, and this summer they will introduce their dedicated production panel for VR and Filming. Using anti-moiré technology (without the colour gamut drift of other types of screen), this will be available with Brompton, Nova or Colorlight control, and, after successful camera tests and discussions, P1.5 has been chosen for better resolution and greater depth of field for use with the major studios.

In all, the LED Studio is the company to watch in 2021, so those looking to distribute or use their screens, simply test content, ask advice, or who would like to be a partner, please get in touch.


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