• Friday , 22 October 2021

New embedded media player from BlueChip

The RE2 board from BlueChip is making significant forward movements for the company in the new wave of ARM Cortex A8 embedded computers, due to its OMAP 3 processing core which also integrates a C64x up to 520 MHz DSP. Target applications  include high-definition multimedia, image and voice processing, and data compression/decompression, and the compact design is optimised for these computationally demanding tasks.

Features include 256MB LPDDR SDRAM and 512MB NAND Flash, both soldered on board, plus an optional Nand flash card. Video output is available through a 24 bit RGB TTL connector or a DVI port, and a 4-wire touch screen controller and audio codec interface are also provided. Communications capability comprises a 10/1000 Ethernet port, quad USB 2.0 host ports, one USB 2.0 device port, dual RS-232 and a single RS-485 poty, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a camera interface are also provided. The board supports Windows CE 6.0, and by special request, Linux, QNX and VxWorks.

The RE2 is backward compatible with the earlier RE1 model t ensure the enjoyment of the latest available processing performance and functionality without incurring maintenance and upgrade problems during the life of their own equipment.

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