• Wednesday , 20 October 2021

The state-of-the-art indoor LED column

Indoor LED Seamlessly Connects with the Channel

Thomas Fenton, Senior Business Development Manager, EMEA Peerless-AV

 The indoor LED market is evolving at a rapid pace. LED is now more readily available via the channel, and distribution is better equipped to meet requirements for shorter lead times.


There are a number of positive change underway in the market for the increasingly popular LED display technology. First, there’s a movement towards standardisation on 16:9 aspect ratios and cabinet sizes of 27.5 inch. This, combined with the fact that the cost of LED is no longer the huge hurdle it once was, and that it’s regarded as less of a custom technology, means LED is now accessible to end users in any sector – whether for a corporate boardroom, a hotel reception, a retail store, casino lobby, or train station.

OEM investment into ultra-narrow pixel pitch LED, under 1 mm for example, is increasing but the real game changer will be when LED brands release 0.3 – 0.5mm pixel pitch meeting the realms of LCD displays. This will open the doors to standalone FHD/UHD 55” and above LED displays, offering higher brightness, better contrast, and longer lifespans, to name a few.

A major trend we’re noticing is that LED is starting to become more familiar to how traditional LCD displays have been managed over the years, in terms of how the products are specified, stocked and distributed.

In the past, LED cabinets were rarely stocked in distribution because of batching issues. Since LEDs are manufactured in batches, they need to be tested for colour uniformity. It would be a disaster to mix batches to build a 5×5 LED video wall, for example, and find the LED cabinets fail to calibrate during final finish. Batching is still a concern today, however, it is becoming more manageable at OEM and distribution level. Forecasting is simplified now since demand for Full HD, Ultra HD or specific configurations has increased.

From a mounting perspective, the game is changing. The change in stocking for LED is being supported by forward thinking mount manufacturers that are enabling distributors to follow the LCD video wall selling strategy and implement the same for LED – seamlessly connecting LED display and associated mount in the channel. One-to-one dvLED mounting systems are now readily available, stocked in channel, allowing freedom of design for small to medium LED video walls, with a reduced delivery lead time. The one-to-one solution is perfect for boardroom, lobby and in-store retail environments that require smaller, more standard size Full HD video walls using 2 mm and below pixel pitch LED displays. The flexibility of this solution and ability to install in landscape, portrait or even at a 45-degree angle, means creative designs such as mosaics, columns and ticker tapes can be achieved easily and in a short timeframe.

Where there are installations that require LED video walls built to Full or Ultra HD resolution, or even for a very specific configuration, there are alternative mounting systems available on the market that come in kits with pre-assembled parts for a quick and straightforward installation. These kitted solutions are perfect for larger, high impact video walls in almost any application scenario in corporate, education, hospitality, retail, transportation, and more, where adjustment flexibility is required to achieve perfect pixel alignment on an imperfect, irregular or creatively challenging wall surface.

Finally, for install scenarios where creativity has no limits, bespoke mounting options are available. An installation where the LED cannot be mounted straight on to a wall, where a substructure is needed, is a perfect example of where these mount solutions come into play. For example, a situation where the video wall load needs to be taken by the floor or ceiling rather than the wall, or a trolley, pivot or track system is required for manoeuvrability. These bespoke mount solutions are generally for extra-large or smaller more complex installs, enabling flexibility for wrapping LED around corners, curves and creating angles, where superior precision and tolerances are required. The complexity of the install could also involve integration of speakers, sensors or cameras within the video wall and perhaps would need to withstand high vibration or seismic activity.

Peerless-AV is leading the way with its dvLED mounting systems for all the above installation scenarios. Find out more about the Connect, Kitted and Bespoke Series of dvLED Mounting Systems and the SEAMLESS dvLED design consultancy programme by visiting: www.peerless-av.com.

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