• Tuesday , 19 October 2021

TIG to represent Embrava

The Blynclight product range is designed to allow users to quickly identify when a colleague is on a call, busy with a deadline or free to chat.

Technological Innovations Group (TIG has announced the addition of Embrava Technologies to its portfolio of solutions. This new partnership will focus on Embrava’s workspace-booking smart sensor, Embrava Desk Sign, and its Blynclight product range, both of which TIG is now offering to customers across the EMEA region.

Embrava’s mission is to solve productivity challenges in the workplace of the future, helping organisations protect their most valuable asset – the time of their employees – by building smarter workspaces.

The award-winning Embrava Desk Sign is a robust, app-controlled solution which instantly displays workspace availability, allows users to quickly find and identify colleagues, and offers reporting to understand how workspaces are being used. It also allows facility managers to easily manage their social distancing policy and desk cleaning protocol.

The reporting feature in turn helps organisations meet the needs of their employees and reduce capital and operating costs. The Desk Sign devices can be managed in the workspace or remotely via client apps, such as Outlook, as well as offering touch screen functionality and allowing employees to check in/out by tapping their ID card or badge.

The Blynclight product range is designed to allow users to quickly identify when a colleague is on a call, busy with a deadline or free to chat. Products include: the Blynclight Standard Status Light, the Blynclight PLUS, which can be configured for audio alerts. The Blynclight Mini is ideal for mounting to laptops and monitors, and the Blynclight Wireless, which offers 2.4 gigahertz (GHz) connection with USB dongle.

The range also includes a fully automated dynamic nameplate, perfect for agile workspaces. These solutions sync with Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and Zoom, amongst others, to determine a user’s status. They come at an affordable price and offer huge benefits to businesses looking to help their staff improve their time efficiency and collaboration with colleagues.

Robin van Meeuwen, TIG’s CEO, comments: “We’re very excited to have the opportunity to represent Embrava, which offers integrators the benefit of being able to provide simple signage for dynamic hot desk environments. This solution is also complemented by NFS Rendezvous meeting booking software and the Crestron meeting room scheduling hardware and software. Embrava’s vision of helping organisations build smarter workspaces aligns with TIG’s vision of providing an ecosystem of AV and IT solutions that integrate seamlessly to create superior and adaptable smart spaces in any environment.”

Tim Sone, CEO at Embrava, says: “Over the last several decades, companies have transitioned from separate offices to more open-plan environments to encourage better teamwork. The ‘workplace of the future’ is continuously evolving as organisations of all sizes look to further increase productivity and improve collaboration whilst keeping their workforce healthy in any space.”

“Embrava’s solutions empower employees and make them feel more fulfilled at work by helping them take control of how and where they work and enhance their efficiency. With this in mind, we are thrilled to have developed a relationship with TIG, which will see us showcase how our solutions can offer a great return on investment for customers across the EMEA region.”

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