• Friday , 22 October 2021

Trans-Force launch new generation of simulators

Trans-Force unveiled the new Trans-Force Orion 5D Interactive Edutainment Simulator this month. The specifications of this new system include the ability for the 3-DOF motion cabin to house four participants, each with their own individual joystick able to actually take part in an interactive experience. Viewing the action on a large panoramic screen in 3D (wearing active shutter glasses), the players also feel the action through the motion base and impressive seat vibrations.

It is designed to be compact and versatile, requiring a ceiling height of only 2.4m and has comparatively reduced floor loading.  This increases the possibilities for venues looking to facilitate such an entertainment system.

The educative entertainment aspect seems to be the focal point of the product. “One of the most ground-breaking elements of this new system is the employment of “Edutainment” experiences. The ability to offer venues a selection of ride experiences that not only offer action packed interactive entertainment – but include an educational narrative that presents important information in a entertaining and informative manner.”

The software also offers players the opportunity to increase their score, generating repeat visitation.

  • Compact system size (2.6m x 2.6m x 2.1m)
  • Minimum ceiling Height (2.4m)
  • Light weight operation (800 kg)
  • Carries four participants each experience
  • Stereographic imagery (using 3-D shutter glasses)
  • Imagery displayed on a large panoramic screen
  • Individual player joysticks
  • Compact 3-DOF (electric) motion base
  • Simple operation (with online technical support)

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