• Wednesday , 19 January 2022

TRISON Partners with HYPERVSN to Offer Holographic Experiences to its Customers

TRISON announces Spain Reseller Partnership with tech innovator HYPERVSN – creators of the world’s first Integrated 3D Holographic Digital Signage Solution.

TRISON, who is a European leader in the digitalization of physical spaces through the development and integration of visual, acoustic and scent marketing systems, has signed a Spain Reseller Agreement with London-based HYPERVSN. TRISON has done that to provide its valued customers with greater opportunities to increase sales and brand visibility, utilizing the highly disruptive holographic solutions.

The revolutionary HYPERVSN technology produces visuals and videos that appear to be floating in mid-air, and are perceived by viewers as hi-resolution holographic visuals without the need for any wearables. The HYPERVSN system is made up of the individual device(s), a proprietary CMS platform that allows management of all devices remotely from a single location, plus the powerful HYPERVSN 3D Studio to easily turn 2D images into eye-catching 3D visuals.

HYPERVSN units can be installed individually, or multiple units can be synchronized to create one larger image for an even more powerful Wall installation. There is also the HYPERVSN Holographic Human solution that enables users to display 3D life-size human holographic visuals.

“We are very excited about this partnership and all the opportunities the technology presents. Videos and images don’t do HYPERVSN products justice, which is why we have incorporated them into our showroom in A Coruña, where any customer can see them on site. The feedback we get from the customers there is full of amazement and wow-s, which makes us all the more confident this partnership was the right move and there is more to come,” – Ignacio Alonso Junquera, Group Chief Sales and Marketing Officer & Strategy at TRISON.

“TRISON is an important addition to the HYPERVSN Partner Network in Spain. We loved their customer-centric approach and the leading positions they have held in the market. If you are in Spain and looking for a holographic solution for your product launch or trade show, you now have one more reliable partner to turn to,” – Marcos Arevalo, Regional Director Spain & Latam at HYPERVSN.

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