• Wednesday , 19 January 2022

ViewSonic PX701-4K home entertainment projector

By Adam Broderick

“I was very excited to try out ViewSonic’s latest performance-focused projector. I’ve been hearing great things about the impressive 300” throw size that still maintains 4k picture quality, and I was eager to put that claim to the test. This projector definitely delivers on ViewSonic’s video quality promises, but there are a couple of drawbacks too.”

Simple set up

“For a non-portable projector, set up was fairly quick. I would describe it as a streamlined and simple process, involving a few easy steps. Manually altering the keystone was made easier by the dedicated keystone adjustment buttons on the top of the projector. These adjustment buttons are very precise, allowing for projection from any angle with relative ease.”

“There are a few colour range presets for cinematic use and videogaming, but these don’t appear to vary massively. Swapping between them is quite simple with the use of the fairly basic remote. A handy addition, the backup input buttons on top of the projector are useful for redundancy or if you really can’t be bothered to grab the remote that you left halfway across the room. We’ve all been there.”

Picture quality

“Here we come to this projector’s selling point. I mean, the whole purpose of a projector is the image, right? And the PX701 is very good at projecting. Boasting 4K resolution for a screen of up to 300”, this bit of kit is the best display quality and size I’ve ever seen.”

“I put ViewSonic’s rather extravagant claims to the test, forced to use the side of my house as a suitably sized backdrop. I can honestly say I’ve never prepared for testing a screen this big, and, boy, did it deliver. Forget about a home theatre, the PX701 could be used at a small commercial cinema.”

“The colours are vivid and sharp, reinforcing some amazing scenes in a wide variety of light conditions. The PX701’s 3,200 lumens are put to full use, creating a tapestry of colour in any living room, office or garden. From broad daylight to midnight, the difference in colour is negligible.”

“Equally as important is the refresh rate. The PX701 boasts an impressive 240Hz, meaning there is zero output lag from source to display. When used for gaming this is arguably the most important feature for a display, the PX701 created a seamless virtual experience. Many a Mario Kart race was played in my garden this week, I’m happy to admit. This is the feature in which many projectors disappoint, and I’m glad to report that ViewSonic have filled the gap in the market.”

Sound quality

“I would describe the built-in speaker as adequate, but not amazing. Across larger areas, the audio quality suffers but in smaller rooms the speaker is sufficient. Thankfully, audio can be outsourced via an aux cable so it’s not a deal-breaker.”

“This internal speaker is more of a decent backup than a reliable option, as most stationary setups would generally have their own dedicated audio system to support the projector’s internal facility.”

Ease of use

“Once set up, the User Interface is simple and gets the job done, allowing you to appreciate its key feature: the stunning visuals.”

“The only input option is HDMI, which could be considered limiting to those wishing to Bluetooth or stream from their phones. But, HDMI provides the most stable connection so is a justifiably standard default input.”

“I did notice this projector kicks out a fair amount of heat, and the fan noise was definitely noticeable in a smaller room.”


“For a stationary projector, this model is above average in size. You’ve got to fit the 4K optics in somehow!”

“The PX701 weighs in at 4kg and is a 12” wide, 4” tall and 9” long. Whilst definitely not a pocket-projector, it’s still of a reasonable enough size to travel with if need be. “

“There isn’t a standard carry case included in the package, but the product itself seems sturdy. Personally, I’d invest in a protective bag if I were to travel with it, but you could get away without one in a pinch.”


“When using this projector at its max screen size, to my knowledge, it is the best-value 4K video output product on the market. As stated above, the picture quality is top-of-the-range, combined with a sufficient refresh rate to ensure an uninterrupted gaming experience.”

“Its’ video resolution is without question. However, it does lack slightly in other areas; the built-in audio is somewhat underwhelming and it’s a bit bulkier than its competitors. In my eyes, this is worth the trade-off, as I would rarely move it from my desk or need to adjust the setup.”

It does bear mentioning that I’m holding it up to the standards of the ViewSonic M2e Portable Smart Projector, which excelled in all categories. The only area the PX701-4K exceeds the M2e is picture quality, in which it is hugely outperforms all other projectors in resolution, refresh rate and screen size.”

“If you’re looking for the best quality video output above all else, and can outsource your audio to a different system, the PX701 is without a doubt the projector to buy. It would be ideal for a home theatre, presentation room or a dedicated gaming setup. However, if you were looking for a portable alternative with a good integrated sound system and near-instant setup at the cost of picture quality, I would stick with the M2e.”


Key facts: ViewSonic PX701-4K

3,200 ANSI Lumens 4K Home Projector

True 4K HDR visual experience

4.2ms Ultra-fast input & 240Hz high refresh rate

Warping, auto V keystone and H/V keystone for flexible installation

3,200 ANSI Lumens offering bright images in any environment

Energy-efficient 20,000 hours lamp life

Contrast: 12,000

Technology: DLP

Light Source: Lamp

Throw Ratio


Street price: (lowest we found): £540



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