• Wednesday , 27 October 2021

Vision offers Hub2 floor stand with battery stowage

Vision now offers a version of its VFM-F10 floor stand for Microsoft Surface Hub2. The VFM-F10/HB ships from late January and replaces the VESA mount with a “halo” for fixing the Hub2.

Integrators can add an optional bracket which fixes APC’s battery under the rear shelf (shipping late Q1).

Vision used a design agency to create a form inspired by fine modern furniture, avoiding the normal heavy AV furniture aesthetic which Vision thinks detracts from Hub2. Vision says its delicate form has a sense of movement that complements Hub.

Vision chose to make the F10 more upright at 7° – compared to Microsoft’s 12° pitch – to ensure the Hub2 camera is centred on the audience and to reduce reflection.  Users who are seated using Hub2 for video conferencing can tilt the display to upright.

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