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This month, UC News offers you the chance to win a Huddly GO plug and play collaboration camera

The Huddly GO

This month, UC News offers you the chance to win a Huddly GO plug and play collaboration camera when you sign up for your free UC News subscription.

Huddly GO, the world’s smallest and smartest collaboration camera, transforms any space into a high-quality dynamic conference room. The compact, ultra-wide angle, software-based Huddly GO gives teams an unmatched plug-and-play experience straight out of the box.

This is a new kind of collaboration camera that combines advanced software, with Scandinavian-designed hardware and AI to create something truly unique in the market.
Huddly is changing the way people work.

“Gone are the days of an entire team sitting together in a conference room. Today’s workforce is lean, remote, and global. At the same time, with cloud technology, we are more interconnected than ever,” said Jonas Rinde, CEO. “The most innovative teams thrive with flexibility and the ability to collaborate from anywhere at any time. Companies of all sizes must adapt to global teams, emerging platforms and a distributed workforce.”

The advantages

• Improves and Evolves: Most technology gets old fast, the software-first Huddly GO stays fresh with frequent updates released through the Huddly Vision software platform, upgradable with a single click.
• Brings the Whole Room (and Team) to the Table: The GO’s 4k Ultra-HD 150° wide-angle lens (vs. the traditional 90°) captures everyone and everything in the room, transforming an individual laptop and any room into a high-quality conference suite. Alternately, for tight focus on a specific area of interest, the Huddly GO delivers with a combination of very dense image sensors and digital pan-tilt-zoom.
• Delivers Crystal Clear Video: Sub-par image quality and low-resolution cameras make participants look unprofessional and leave out or blur important presentation details. Huddly GO’s 16 Megapixel sensor captures a ton of visual data in high detail, resulting in unmatched image quality. The embedded Huddly Vision software autocorrects in real-time colour, perspective and lighting.
• Looks Beautiful: The sleek, fits-in-your-pocket, Scandinavian-designed GO can easily mount anywhere, so teammates are free to collaborate wherever, whenever.

Huddly GO: key features

Ultra-Wide-Angle 150° wide-angle lens lets you capture everyone in the room, transforming even the smallest rooms into high-quality conference suites
Self-Upgrading Huddly Vision Software
Regular updates to our Huddly Vision software mean that with a single click, your camera will continue to improve with new, cutting-edge features.
Dynamic light optimisation
Auto-adjusts to your lighting conditions so you’ll always look your best, no matter where you are.
180° Auto-Flip
When mounted upside down, the camera automatically provides the correct view.
High Precision Aspherical Optics
Six-element glass lens.
Embedded Mounting Hinge
Easily attaches to any TV screen, laptop or monitor.
SuperSpeed USB 3.0
For lightning fast data transfer and power supply.
Image Sensor
The 16 MegaPixel 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor delivers immersive, crystal-clear HD video.
Visual Noise Filtering
Bias compensating spatio-temporal filtering with wide area chroma filtering.
Camera Tripod Mount
For flexible mounting on tripods and Huddly mounting brackets.
Real-Time Dewarping
The wide-angle image is dewarped and perspective corrected in real time, rendering a natural, true-life view.
Digital Pan/Tilt/Zoom
Has no moving parts, making it compact and silent, as well as more reliable and accurate. Instantly pan and tilt digitally, with lossless zoom up to 3x.

Simply sign up to the UC News newsletter for your chance to win

Competition rules:

1. The closing date is the 1st September 2018.
2. The competition is open to all registered readers of UC News
3. The judges’ decision is final
4. There is no cash alternative to the prize of a Huddly GO camera

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